Monday, July 29, 2013

The next in the series - Main Kya Karu - Barfi

Good Morning Friends,

I did this experiment once again, almost after 5 months. I know that some of you will think - what the heck, he is back with his bulk email (though you may just write me back for not adding you & touchwood !!! would I have received very very few such mails). And hence, I would like to share the result of the experiment, which is @ It is also embedded here on this page.

After few good and not-so-good attempts, here is one more attempt. This time, it is a song from the movie Barfi - "Main Kya Karu". Hope you would like it !!!

Have a nice week ahead, till the next update, CYA.

Truly yours, Shekhar

Saturday, February 02, 2013

I am loving it !!!

I am really loving it !!!

It has been close to two months since I've started blogging again with “ Good Morning Bangalore!!! ”. And today, it has been a month since I had uploaded my first song on Youtube - “ Take me to your heart “. Since then this would be my 11th blog entry and today I'm preparing for my 5th song upload. 4 songs already have more than 300 views. I have been to many places, done different things. This is all from the inspiration that I've received from Bangalore. These months have really been amongst best times that I'm having in my life. Yes, there is a sure scope for making these moments even better, if...

Well, I know how I would like to complete this sentence (as I am missing few things like my home and the sense of being a part of family) but, for you, I leave it to your imaginations and creativity :) .

And, once again, I thank Bangalore for bringing good times back to my life. After coming here, it was only some time, maybe few hours that I was not in the bright mood. Here, apart from work and normal day-to-day life, it has been blogging, singing and moving around. Yes, I am working on the check-list from my 2013 resolution. And while I'm doing this, I'm enjoying every moment of it. Sorry, but I donno why, today my vocabulary is falling short of words.

Here are those blogs which came up

Here are those songs which were heard for at least 600 min by you all.

Here are places where I have been (Jayanagar, MG Road, Malleshwaram, ISKON, Orion Mall, Bellandur and Manyata)

Thank you for making my day. Thanks to you and thanks to Bangalore.

I will keep on posting my experiences, till then CYA...